Our services





Grooming: Our wonderful groomers, Janice and Sonya, are here Wednesday through Friday.  They are originally from MI and enjoy their menagerie of animals, including goats and llamas.  They have been working at AMC for approximately three years.  Their services including bathing, clipping, nail trims, ear cleaning, and expressing anal sacs.  Prices vary depending on the type of clip and size of the dog.  Please call our front desk at (706) 548-4486 for quotes.








Boarding: We provide boarding for both dogs and cats.  We have large runs for medium to large breed dogs and big crates for smaller dogs and cats.  Dogs have the option of being walked outside in our grassy yard up to 4 times a day.  You are welcome to bring your pets own belongings, like beds and toys (except rope toys and rawhides).  We can also feed your pet its preferred diet.  If your pet requires medication, our trained technicians are able to provide them that extra service for them.  Prices vary depending on size of dog and species of animal.  Please call our front desk at (706) 548-4486 for quotes.








Surgery: We provide numerous surgical procedures, including spaying, neutering, cystotomies, tumor removals, biopsies, and orthopedics.  We provide quality pain medication and monitoring.  Prices vary depending on procedures.







Dentistry: We perform prophylactic dental cleanings, using an ultrasonic scaler and polisher.  We also perform tooth extractions when necessary.  Prices vary depending on procedures.  Call our front desk at (706) 548-4486 for appointments.







Medicine: Our doctors diagnose and treat numerous medical conditions, including allergies, endocrinopathies, cardiomyopathies, infectious diseases, heartworm disease, wounds/abscesses, cancers, skin problems, and parasites.  We also provide quality preventive medicine with annual vaccinations and wellness bloodwork.  If you have a new pet that needs to come in for a check-up and vaccines, you can use our front desk at (706) 548-4486 for an appointment.






Pharmacy: We carry numerous medications, parasite preventatives nutritional supplements, and medicated shampoos.  For the medications we do not carry, many can be ordered from front desk at (706) 548-4486 for more information.