Our staff


Christy Thomas is the Office Manager and has worked at the clinic since 1987. She is an Athens native and went to Clarke Central High School and then to the University of Georgia where she majored in Animal Health. She lives in Athens with her husband Andy, a banker and their son Trey, a Trooper with the GSP. A life long animal lover, she has found the perfect place to work. She loves warm weather, does not know why anyone would want to live anywhere else, loves the ocean and football.
Hannah Hardy is our head technician who has been with AMC since February of 2005.  She lives in Madison County with her daugher Maddie.  She likes reading and anything having to do with crafts.  She has four dogs: Upton, a Retriever mix, Ichabod, a Shepherd mix, Rosie, a Bassett Hound and a naughty new puppy named Baylor.  She graduated from Madison County High School in 2003.
 groomersOur groomer Sonya and her assistant/mom Janice have been with us since 2007. Sonya is the best groomer! She is very skilled and patient. She is also very crafty. She can make something from nothing and should have her own TV show.
 fb_img_1482867760781Kristin is a preveterinary student that has been with us since 2014. She loves the herding breeds and to travel.
 Margaret has been with us since 2015. She is also a preveterinary student and has a very naughty dog named Bruce Wayne. fb_img_1482867822886
Claire is a preveterinary student and has been with us since 2014. She shares her life with two pet friends, Izzy and Gatsby. She has worked at a zoo before and is currently in graduate school at UGA.  fb_img_1482870071514